Our Specialty?
Supporting Smoother Recoveries.

Older woman in wheelchair with nurse helping at home

Heal in the Comfort of Your Home, on Your Terms

With Post-Operative Nursing Care

Leaving the hospital to continue recovering at home, without reassurance from around-the-clock care, can be overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. There is no call-light to ask for help anymore. We’re here to ease that stress of feeling alone or unsupported. Our nurses are trained to notice signs of complications early to prevent readmission or post surgery complications.

Whether you need temporary home care after surgery for yourself, or you need extra assistance to give your loved one the quality medical support they require, Navi Nurses smooths the transition from hospital to home. Get expert after-surgery care from a team of qualified Registered Nurses who build care around you and your needs.

Find the Strength, Support, & Comfort

You Deserve

The best outcomes happen when clients and their families are the driving force in the recovery process. Let our team thoughtfully educate, encourage, and empower you and your loved ones so that everyone gets back their highest quality of life. See how we’re bridging the hospital-to-home and post surgery gap in Arizona.

Real-Time Discharge Support from Hospital to Home

Medication Administration & Organization

Comprehensive Wound & Drain Care

Primary Care & Specialist Follow-up Coordination

Navi Nurses Schedule

As-Needed, On-Demand Check-Ins

Navi Nurses Clients

IV Antibiotics, TPN, & Medication Management

Education Without Overcomplication

Sensitive, Dedicated Patient Advocacy

Navi Nurses Services

Aging in Place

Identify health issues as they arise and effectively manage chronic conditions, so you or your loved one can stay in the comfort of home, longer.

& Palliative Care

Compassionate nurses have your family’s back with the medical details, so you can sit back and cherish every moment without added stress.

Navi Nurses Nurse

Complex Health Needs

Address complex, specialized health issues while preventing future complications. Set a flexible care schedule on you and your family’s terms.