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Frequently Asked Questions

Private duty nursing differs significantly from traditional home care, providing specialized clinical support and proactive health management on demand. Navi Nurses only employs experienced Registered Nurses (RNs) who are committed to whole-person health.

Additionally, traditional home health is covered by insurance and is limited by reimbursement codes. Based on your plan, and your diagnoses, you can potentially qualify for home health — but not always. When you do qualify, that home help oftentimes isn’t enough. We can fill those home health gaps.

Registered Nurses (RNs) with Navi Nurses have at least four years of clinical experience. Most still actively work in hospitals, bringing up-to-date clinical information directly to the home.

The nurses in our network have expertise in a wide range of specialties, which helps us connect the best-suited skilled nursing team to each client’s healthcare wants and needs. Additionally, more than a quarter of RNs are bilingual.

Navi Nurses aren’t limited by insurance checklists or time limits that determine what, when, or how they can deliver care. Our goal is to provide holistic, person-first care instead of simply checking off boxes. We offer a transparent self-pay model with straightforward hourly rates.

Our self-pay model offers transparency and flexibility in healthcare payment. With a standard hourly rate, there are no complicated care tiers or upcharges, or additional fees for weekends or nights. We also accept HSA/FSA plans, as well as coordinate with long-term care policies.

Self-pay also allows clients and their families to work with a team of nurses to create a personalized care plan that outlines the specific services and hours of care needed, plus define the frequency and duration of care. The care plan is tailored to the individual’s health issues, schedule, and preferences.

Anyone who contacts Navi Nurses is quickly connected with a healthcare professional to assess medical history and services requested. We ask qualifying questions to carefully determine actual needs and which of the specialized RNs in our wide network is best suited to deliver the care. 

Same-day care for visits and assessments is commonly available — often within a few hours of placing a call. Clients with set visit schedules have a specialized care team of several nurses who can supplement each other when needed.

The only instance in which we may not be able to accommodate staffing would be if the client requested a large team of highly specialized providers to deliver near-constant care.

Unless there are unforeseen circumstances as in a hospital admission, significant change in status, or death, we require a 24-hour cancellation notice to avoid a penalty.
If you are looking for an individual to run errands, maintain hygiene, or assist with household upkeep, we suggest opting for a traditional caregiver or dedicated home help provider and we will gladly recommend our partners.

Co-created care is a philosophy that empowers our clients and families to actively participate in the care journey. As leaders in this movement, we believe this care model extends beyond nursing – it’s about building relationships, fostering open communication, and providing education.

Navi Nurses is blazing a trail in the industry, championing this philosophy to guarantee every care team member has a voice that’s not just heard, but truly valued. Several studies indicate the success of “co creation in care,” but we’re the first to humanize the data and set it into action.

Still Have Questions?

Get in touch with the Navi Nurses team and connect with a specialized care team that cares.

Still Have Questions?

Get in touch with the Navi Nurses team and connect with a specialized care team that cares.

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Aging in Place

Identify health issues as they arise and effectively manage chronic conditions, so you or your loved one can stay in the comfort of home, longer.

& Palliative Care

Compassionate nurses have your family’s back with the medical details, so you can sit back and cherish every moment without added stress.

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Post Surgery

Experience a seamless transition from hospital to home with post surgery support from Registered Nurses who educate, encourage, and empower.