There’s No Such Thing as Caring Too Much.

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Who We Are

Raising the Standard for In-Home Skilled Nursing Care in Phoenix

Navi Nurses empowers you and your loved ones in every step of the healthcare journey. We combine expert medical care with compassion and sensitivity to treat the whole person as a physical being, with a spiritual element, and a life full of family and friends.

As protective guardians of the human essence, we deliver comprehensive skilled nursing services to homes across Arizona. Our straightforward self-pay model ensures medical expertise isn’t limited by insurance constraints, and we give your family freedom to define the care you want and deserve, on your schedule.

What Is Navi?

Navi originates from the Hindu term Anavi, embodying a spirit of kindness and peace. It represents “the radiant dawn after the darkest night.”
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The Navi Nurses Difference

Where Quality Meets Comfort

Experience human-centered, relationship-driven healthcare on your terms. Here’s what makes us stand out as your family’s superior in-home nursing care option.

High-Quality Expertise

Our Registered Nurses (RNs) are experienced and commonly work in hospitals, bringing up-to-date clinical knowledge directly to you.

Holistic & Human-Centered

We don’t see clients as numbers. We honor everyone as unique individuals with distinct wants and needs. We strive to become an extension of the family.

Culturally Competent

Along with exceptional medical expertise, our nurses adapt to diverse lifestyles, religious beliefs, and languages. More than a quarter of them are bilingual.

Self-Pay Model

Nurses aren’t constrained by strict rules governing what care they can provide. If a visit takes longer or the unexpected happens, we address it all with a clear, hourly rate.
Navi Nurses Schedule

Schedule Flexibility

Emergencies happen, and many healthcare needs are never planned. We understand this, so we offer same-day assistance — often within hours. You pick when and how much you care you want.

Navi Nurses Clients

Intentional Nurse-Client Connections

We strategically connect clients with the best-fit nurses for their specific health concerns, aligning our skill sets with your most pressing needs.

Communication for Reassurance

We keep everyone you want involved and on the same page, bringing physical, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle concerns promptly to attention.

Education for Confidence

We take the time to explain and educate on a level that makes sense for our clients and their families, supporting greater overall confidence with easy-to-absorb information at home.

The Numbers Behind Navi Nurses

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Registered Nurses Available to Support Client Care Needs

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Unique Medical Specialties Across Our Nursing Teams

Navi Nurses Schedule


Hours of Nursing Care Provided Across Arizona

Navi Nurses Clients


Navi Clients Have Received Personalized Nursing Services

Leading Co-Created Care
With Compassion

Our approach to “co-created care” places clients and families at the center of their health decisions. Actively engaging the entire care team in the process means actively listening to their preferences, concerns, and goals while shaping a personalized care plan that aligns with the person’s unique wants and needs.
Together, we work toward achieving optimal health outcomes, while empowering individuals on their healthcare journey. It’s a partnership dedicated to your well-being and your family’s reassurance. With Navi Nurses, all voices are not only heard, but they are valued.
Meet the experienced, passionate leader who’s driving our co-created care purpose.

Jasmine Bhatti, RN

Chief Executive Officer
Founder and CEO Jasmine Bhatti is the heart, soul, and strategy behind the rapidly growing private duty nursing company, Navi Nurses. A leader in the co-created care movement, she has built the company around an innovative philosophy that places clients and families in the center of their health decisions and empowers them to become active participants in their care plan.
Jasmine Bhatti Navi Nurses

Meet Our Advisors

We have enlisted the trusted support from experienced and accomplished healthcare providers, educators, and startup founders who have exited companies to build Navi Nurses into the premier private duty nursing company in Arizona and beyond.
Anne McNamara

Dr. Anne McNamara

Registered Nurse
Dr. Rick Hall

Dr. Rick Hall

Managing Partner of ASU + Mayo Clinic Healthcare Association
Shawn Harrell​

Shawn Harrell

Registered Nurse
Dr. Ken Mishark​

Dr. Ken Mishark

Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic

Ron Robertson

Ron Robertson

Co-Founder Picmonic

Ken Robertson

Ken Robertson

Co-Founder Picmonic


Arizona Commerce Authority

ACA Venture Ready

First nurse-led company to be accepted into Venture Ready Program with Arizona Commerce Authority.

mayo clinic asu

Mayo Clinic & ASU Accelerator

First nurse-led company to participate in prestigious Mayo Clinic & ASU HealthTech Accelerator.

venture devils asu

ASU Venture Devils

Recipient of Venture Devils Award from Arizona State University.

flinn foundation

Flinn Foundation

Recipient of Flinn Foundation Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program.

American Nurses Foundation

American Nurses Foundation

Recipient of $1.5 million grant from American Nurses’ Foundation Re-Imagining Nursing Initiative.

johnson and johnson nursing

Johnson & Johnson

Written up by Johnson & Johnson for our innovative care delivery model.

Startup AZ


Member of StartupAZ, premier hub for startup founders in Arizona.

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Calling all Arizona nurses: We encourage local RNs with at least four years of hospital experience to join our dedicated and diverse nursing team.

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