Compassionate Care for Complex Needs.

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Rethink Home Health

With Specialized Registered Nurses by Your Side

Healing at home should be a standard, not a luxury — and with Navi Nurses, you have the right to decide where and how that healing happens.

Insurance may or may not cover complex care needs for you at home, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. You don’t need an order to hire us. When traditional home healthcare isn’t enough, or you don’t qualify, we can fill the gaps.

And if a skilled nursing facility is recommended, it’s not your only option. We’ll bring the skilled nursing to you. Our diverse network of Arizona Registered Nurses has in-depth expertise spanning more than 15 specialties, and we’re honored to serve as protective guardians of you and your family’s well-being.

Skilled Nursing & Emotional Support for

Complex Care Needs

When dealing with complex care needs, we understand you want the comfort, peace, and independence of being at home, where you and your loved ones heal best. With Navi Nurses, you and your family will be in the most trusted of hands, so everyone can breathe easier — including your physicians.

Our nurse partners dive deep into all healthcare needs — even those that are complex and challenging. Whether your loved one requires monthly 1:1 visits or 24/7 support from a specialized team, we can accommodate care for almost any need you can imagine.

Port & PICC Infusions (IV Antibiotics)

Wound Care, With or Without Wound VACs

Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy Care

Ventilator-Dependent Support

Navi Nurses Schedule

As-Needed, On-Demand Check-Ins

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Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Care

TNP, Enteral Nutrition, & Ostomy Support

Sensitive, Dedicated Patient Advocacy

Navi Nurses Services

Aging in Place

Identify health issues as they arise and effectively manage chronic conditions, so you or your loved one can stay in the comfort of home, longer.

& Palliative Care

Compassionate nurses have your family’s back with the medical details, so you can sit back and cherish every moment without added stress.

Navi Nurses Nurse

Post Surgery

Experience a seamless transition from hospital to home with post surgery support from Registered Nurses who educate, encourage, and empower.