What Are The Protective Medications Given At the Hospital?

Female nurse gives a dose of insulin to diabetic senior woman during home visit.

If you had surgery, or are in the hospital, your nurse might have given you protective medications to help reduce discomfort associated with being hospitalized or with side effects that arise from taking pain medication: Stool softeners or laxatives Ulcer prevention Anti nausea Stool Softeners or Laxatives Stool softeners and laxatives, such as Colace© or […]

Being Prepared For A COVID Positive Diagnosis

Senior woman with nurse in bed at home

Consider yourself fortunate if you have never had to read THE email or text from CVS or any other community-based testing site that you have COVID. After the reality sinks in, there are a few really important things you can do so that you can be prepared: Medical history (things that can put you at higher risk) Living/working space (who around […]

Reduce Stress with Self-Care

Smile, happy or laughing nursing home retirement elderly woman and healthcare nurse.

What Stress Does to Our Bodies Stress occurs in our lives daily. Left unchecked, stress can build up to a level that affects our physical and mental health. For instance, our shoulder and neck muscles tense up when we are stressed which leads to backaches, tight neck muscles, and headaches. Both tension and migraine headaches […]

Brilliant Nurse Spotlight: Meet Sydney

Sydney Navi Nurse

For many nurses, their profession is a calling. Their passion for their work can prompt others to explore a career that brings a similar level of meaning. These stories come straight from our community of compassionate nurses and give us a look at the human behind the scrubs. Sydney P., RN, has been a nurse […]

Brilliant Nurse Spotlight: Meet Yesenia

Yesenia Navi Nurse

Stories of real nurses give us inspiration to do what we do. These stories come straight from our community of compassionate nurses and give us a look at the human being behind the scrubs. Yesenia M., RN has been a nurse in Arizona for five years. She spends her free time giving hugs and treats […]

8 Most Common Medications Given For Surgery

Nurse gives IV medication or vitamin infusion to senior patient

Have you ever wondered what medications are given for surgery? How do surgeons and anesthesiologists know which medications to use, and does everyone get the same medications? There are a variety of medications that may be used before, during, and after surgical procedures. It can be confusing trying to remember them all. This blog will […]