Sydney Navi Nurse

Brilliant Nurse Spotlight: Meet Sydney

For many nurses, their profession is a calling. Their passion for their work can prompt others to explore a career that brings a similar level of meaning. These stories come straight from our community of compassionate nurses and give us a look at the human behind the scrubs.

Sydney P., RN, has been a nurse in Arizona for six years. She spends her free time with her adorable Ausidoodle, Aspen, who just turned two years old and loves hiking, snuggling, and being chased. His favorite toy is anything that squeaks.

Here is why Sydney decided to become a nurse and what inspires her every day.

What inspired you to become a nurse? 

When I was seven, my Aunt Barbara, who was a nurse epidemiologist, passed away. She was an important person in my life and knowing she was a nurse for over 30 years inspired me to think about nursing as a career when I was in high school. During my senior year, I was able to get exposed to the nursing profession while taking a class that gave us hands-on experience in the hospital. It was then that I knew that this would be my career path. It’s a decision that I don’t regret.

What innovations in healthcare are you passionate about? 

There are many things I am passionate about. One is educating my patients about their current health situation, how to take care of themselves once they leave my care, and really setting them up for success. I also feel strongly about what I do as a nurse in the clinical trial research center. Daily we are working on finding new solutions in the treatment of cancer. I am very encouraged by what I have experienced so far. A fairly new area that I have become very passionate about is working with NAVI Nurses. The overall philosophy and goals of ensuring that people get the best care possible after they leave the hospital and are at home are very meaningful to me. I love being a part of this amazing organization and its mission.

What are a few tips you would share with someone entering a career in nursing? 

A person who is beginning his/her nursing career needs to demonstrate flexibility, empathy, and organizational skills daily. You’re not going to know everything immediately so remind yourself that hands-on learning is a key component to being successful. Never fear asking a fellow nurse a question if you’re not sure about something. Everyone has been in your shoes. Keeping a sense of humor when possible doesn’t hurt either. Nursing was a challenging profession before the pandemic and it’s even more so now, so take one day at a time and know that you are making a difference in the lives of your patients.

What is an interesting fact about you?

I love to cook. I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to common dishes. I like to try at least one new dinner recipe a week. I am also an avid traveler. I have been to 38 of the 50 states and eight countries and counting.

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