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Jasmine Bhatti Navi Nurses

Meet Jasmine Bhatti

A Leader in the Co-Created Care Movement

Jasmine, a Registered Nurse (RN), has rooted her life’s work in improving the healthcare experience. She realizes this mission by connecting Arizonans with a specialized team of hand-picked RNs who deliver personalized, informed medical care in a patient’s home. 

With a personal mantra to “help nurses rediscover their joy,” Jasmine understands the positive impact satisfied nurses have on client outcomes and family reassurance, and she strives to make holistic care outside of the hospital not just a possibility, but an expectation.

Jasmine was inspired to become an RN while caring for a family member, where she noticed critical gaps in care firsthand — both in transitioning from hospital to home and in long-term health management. Recognizing the potential for clinicians to augment care delivery and reduce hospital readmissions right from home, she left practice in 2021 to bring Navi Nurses to life.

Prior to founding Navi Nurses, she was an RN at Barrow Neurological Institute and then Mayo Clinic, where she focused on neurology, plastics and ear, nose and throat (ENT) populations for more than a decade. 

Committed to continuous education and supporting new models of transitional care, Jasmine is currently finishing her doctorate degree at Arizona State University. She earned her BSN from Grand Canyon State University and a master’s in Regulatory Science and Health Safety from Arizona State University.

Under Jasmine’s leadership, Navi Nurses strives to make the co-created care philosophy of consistent empowerment, engagement and education the new standard in healthcare.

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