Going Home From the Hospital With IV Antibiotics

IV Antibiotics delivered At Home

Going home with home health and IV antibiotics offers people the opportunity to receive their necessary treatment in the comfort of their own homes while still receiving professional medical support. Receiving IV antibiotics at home can offer several advantages, including the comfort of familiar surroundings, increased independence, and the ability to avoid hospital stays. Here is a little about what you can expect.

Building Your Medical Team for IV Antibiotics

No matter the type of IV antibiotics being given, a home health company helps manage the infusions. Their prescribing physician will oversee the care and monitor any labs that may need to be drawn. You will also have a nurse who comes out to show you how to operate the equipment and how to administer the antibiotics to you or a loved one. It is critical to note that depending upon your insurance, you may qualify for just a handful of visits and you will be expected to manage the majority of your care on your own.

Your personalized regimen of antibiotics will be determined by your medical team based on the infection that is being treated. Sometimes the IV antibiotics are given once a day, while others are required to be given up to three times a day. Some are offered as a “push” which means it can be injected quickly into your vascular access site, or they can be continuous, running even 24 hours a day. Most often, IV antibiotics given in the home are in small bags which are administered typically over 30 minutes to an hour.

How Private Nurses Can Help At Home

Typically, a nurse will visit to set up the necessary equipment. They will bring the IV medication, tubing, and other supplies required for the treatment. They will also help prepare a clean and sterile space for the administration of the IV antibiotics.

The nurse will provide thorough training and education on how to administer the IV antibiotics correctly and safely. They will teach the patient or their caregiver about hand hygiene, proper aseptic technique, and how to prepare and connect the IV tubing. They will also explain the importance of following the prescribed schedule, dosage, and any precautions related to the specific medication being administered.

The nurse functions to monitor the patient’s progress, assess their vital signs, and check the IV site for any signs of infection or complications. They will also be available to address any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise during the treatment period.

Hiring A Private Nurse to Administer IV Antibiotics

Unfortunately, insurance only covers a certain amount of visits, and you will be left to continue through the completion of the course of antibiotics. Many times, people will hire a private duty nursing company to administer the antibiotics during the times that the home health is not there. This is particularly helpful for people who have arthritis or poor dexterity in their hands, poor vision, multiple other health problems, or those who are overwhelmed with following the lengthy instructions to safely administer.

When a private nurse is engaged, they can quickly and easily maintain regular communication with the healthcare team in case of any concerns of changes. This ensures that the patient’s treatment remains appropriate and that any necessary adjustments can be made promptly. Hiring a private nurse provides peace of mind to the patient and their family because there is a consistent team of nurses who take the time to spend with them and look beyond just the treatment. Because private duty nurses are not constrained by insurance companies, they have the ability to provide holistic care which includes assessment of the environment, physical activity, nutrition and all the other factors that help when fighting off an infection.

Overall, going home with home health and IV antibiotics allows people to receive necessary treatment in a familiar and comfortable environment. In the event that insurance does not provide adequate support, a private duty nurse may be requested to supplement the care. In this role, the nurse provides comprehensive education, ongoing monitoring, and support to the person and their support system to promote their overall well-being and recovery.

If you know that you or a loved one can benefit from extra nursing care and support, but are not quite sure about what is the best option, please call Navi Nurses and speak with a registered nurse at 480-482-1891. The nurses at Navi are happy to help you with the direction that you need to make the best decisions possible.

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