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Shawn Harrell, MS, RN, Co-founder, CNO

I’m so glad I chose to be a nurse. When I was teaching, I always congratulated each new incoming class on their decision to become a nurse. You know when you’re a nurse, you will always have an opportunity to help someone when it’s needed most. There’s no feeling like knowing you are at the right place, at the right time, with right person.
When you’re a nurse you never have to be bored. I have worked as a staff nurse in a hospital, a nursing supervisor, as an industrial nurse in a phosphorus plant, a nurse consultant in a law firm, and nursing faculty, just to name a few. Wherever you find people, there’s a need for a nurse. In my opinion, it’s the best profession ever. I’m glad to be a nurse.

Navi Concierge Nurses

Ayan S. MSN, RN, Co-founder, Operations

I decided to become a nurse after I had my daughter Amani at 34.5 weeks. She was premature, just 4 lbs and 12 oz when she was born. Because she was born early and she had some trouble breathing and feeding, she spent some time in the neonatal intensive care unit. The providers, nurses, respiratory therapists, cleaning crew - all of the staff I encountered were the crux of healing for not only my daughter but for my family too. My husband and I spent the majority of the day in the nursery pod my daughter was in, and took turns in the sleeping room when we were exhausted and needed a break. Through that time we got to know the entire staff, but we developed deep and meaningful friendships with the NICU nurses as they cared for our little one. I pursued nursing because I wanted to provide that same care and compassion I felt in the NICU. Like the NICU nurses, I wanted to extend that same empathy to patients and their families. To be their cheerleaders and to celebrate alongside them when they won. I wanted to become a nurse to console my patients when they got that heartbreaking news, when they were at their most exposed and vulnerable. To hold their hand, to pull up a chair and sit with them and listen, and to hug them when they needed to cry. Today, I try to serve my patients just like how the NICU nurses became vessels of light and healing to my daughter and my family. When I’m with my patients, I try to give it my all. Everyday isn’t perfect, but at the end I try to do my best to serve my patients and their families, just like how the nurses that cared for my daughter did at our most vulnerable time.

Jasmine Bhatti PhD(c), MS, RN, Co-founder, CEO

Growing up, Jasmine never imagined that she would become a nurse. Instead, the profession chose her. As an undergraduate student who was dreaming of a career in health policy, she took a pause to help care for her grandmother who was undergoing treatments for a recurrence of head and neck cancer. While the experience of being a caregiver was overwhelming, it opened her eyes to the need that both caregivers and their loved ones face during stressful health transitions. It also taught her that with the right support, everyone can get through life-changing events so much healthier. Jasmine is a Phoenix nativue and has almost ten years of experience working at both Barrow Neurological Institute and the Mayo Clinic. To make her practice as a nurse even more meaningful, she has been able to spend the last six years working alongside the same nurses who taught her how to care for her grandmother so many years back. Her experience includes working as a nurse, a preceptor, and a charge nurse. She has also been involved in with, or led, many unit based activities and campaigns to improve patient outcomes. Parallel to her work with Navi, she is finishing her PhD at Arizona State University, and is delighted to work as a teachers assistant in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Jasmine is rooted in her mission to shine the light on the critical work that nurses do. She firmly believes that every single person deserves a nurse to help them navigate the complexities of healthcare. When not working, she enjoys the practice of mindfulness and yoga, and loves to cook. She is also very close with her family, and spends time with them and her beloved cocker spaniel, Nala.

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