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Inspired to become a nurse after being a family caregiver, founder Jasmine Bhatti realized that care options were limited after a hospitalization. Home health and hospice services were never enough.

While working at Mayo Clinic, she realized that what she thought was unique to her, was not. Many patients and caregivers leave the hospital feeling alone, and unprepared with no where to go other than an emergency room.

She left the hospital in 2021 to build a company so that ordinary people could access a nurse without an order. Jasmine didn't want anyone else would to feel alone or overwhelmed with providing care for themself or a loved one again.

150+ happy nurses strong.

providing the private nursing care you never knew you needed.

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our advisors.

Dr. Anne McNamara

registered nurse

Dr. Rick Hall

managing partner of ASU + Mayo Clinic Medtech Accelerator

Shawn Harrell

registered nurse

Dr. Ken Mishark

internal medicine at Mayo Clinic

Ron Robertson

Co-founder, Picmonic

Ken Robertson

Co-founder, Picmonic

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