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Senior woman lying in bed with nurse

Our Mission

To Be the Guardians of Human Essence

As Guardians of the Human Essence, Navi Nurses empowers clients and loved ones in every step of their healthcare journey. We combine medical expertise with compassion and sensitivity to treat the whole person as a physical being, with a spiritual element, and a life full of family and friends.

We are looking for team members that want to deliver on this mission and a vision where all team members – nurses and non-nurses – feels a clarity of purpose. We believe in a future where we have removed the walls of hospitals. 

We believe working for Navi Nurses offers freedom and better care for patients as they journey from the hospital to the home, with no disruption of care. 


Navi Nurses' Beliefs & Standards


Tap in.

Empowered Voice

Tell the deep truth.


Close the gaps.


See the human.


There’s no such thing as giving too much.

Careers at Navi Nurses

Ready to join a team that puts patients first in healthcare? Please apply using the links below for non-clinical and clinical roles to start your career at Navi Nurses.