Being A Caregiver is Hard – A Private Nurse Can Help!

Nurse visiting senior woman at home with family

With the advances in health care, the life expectancy in America continues to increase with women living longer than men. The result of longevity is an increase in complex medical issues being cared for at home by a spouse or another family member. Caring for an older adult at home does help him or her […]

Receiving Care After A Stroke

Nurse support to elderly male patient in wheelchair

Being Informed on care after a stroke is the best strategy for prevention. After your first stroke you’ll want to do all you can to prevent another. Developing healthy habits will give you the best chance to do so. The CDC has several tips on healthy living that can help you. Among these are having […]

When Is RSV Season?

Nurse doing regular check-up of senior woman in her home.

What is RSV?  Is it a dragon? Is it the Night King? No, it’s RSV and the RSV season is coming. RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus. RSV season typically occurs in winter months. It is a very common virus that infects our respiratory tract. There are people who are extremely susceptible to this very […]