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What does a nurse do?

According to the American Association Colleges of Nursing, there are 3.8 million nurses in the U.S., making up the largest group of healthcare professionals. Nurses play a pivotal and foundational role in healthcare, but have you ever wondered what nurses actually do? 

Although it varies from facility, specialty, & department, registered nurses have so many different jobs and duties. We here at Navi wanted to share some nursing duties in an inpatient setting.

Nurse Duties

🗣 Advocating & supporting patients and families
🧠 Educating & reinforcing plan of care for patients & their families
📈 Driving change and improvement in all areas of healthcare through education, policy change & more
👩🏽‍💻 Communicating with providers and other ancillary healthcare professionals
💊 Administering medications and treatments prescribed by healthcare providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners & physician assistants
🔑 Operating medical equipment and high tech machines, and educating patients and family members how to use different durable medical equipment 
🤝 Providing direct, hands on care ranging from bathing and feeding to wound care, dressing changes, IV placement, lab draws, nasogastric tube placement, injections & more 
🌡 Obtaining vital signs and monitoring symptoms & health conditions
📝 Connecting the dots and coordinating patient care in traditional healthcare facilities, homes, schools, organizations, and so much more!

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers, but requires constant learning, compassion, & commitment. And although this list does not encompass all the duties of the nursing profession, it’s a small glimpse into the world of nursing.

Do you have any questions about nurses? If so, comment down below. 

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