Brilliant Nurse Spotlight: Meet Sydney

Navi Nurses Brilliant Nurse Spotlight: Meet Sydney nurse Post

For many nurses, their profession is a calling. Their passion for their work can prompt others to explore a career that brings a similar level of meaning. These stories come straight from our community of compassionate nurses and give us a look at the human behind the scrubs. Sydney P., RN, has been a nurse […]

Brilliant Nurse Spotlight: Meet Yessenia

Navi Nurses Brilliant Nurse Spotlight: Meet Yessenia nurse Post

Stories of real nurses give us inspiration to do what we do. These stories come straight from our community of compassionate nurses and give us a look at the human being behind the scrubs. Yessenia M., RN has been a nurse in Arizona for five years. She spends her free time giving hugs and treats […]

2020 Year Of The Nurse

Navi Nurses 2020 Year Of The Nurse nurse Post

“Year of the Nurse” World Health Organization Designation Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the year 2020 as “Year of the Nurse and Midwife”. It also coincides with the 200th birthday of our modern mother, Florence Nightingale. This global occasion is important for the nursing profession for two reasons. First, it gives […]

Why I Became A Nurse.

Navi Nurses Why I Became A Nurse. nurse Post

This playful photo is one of the fondest memories I have. It sits on my fridge and reminds me of happy days on the beach, being silly and dancing under the stars, and driving with the ocean breeze blowing in my face. She is why I became a nurse. Sofia Sophie, aka Sofia, was as […]

A Hug-Thanking Healthcare Workers

Navi Nurses A Hug-Thanking Healthcare Workers nurse Post

People choose to work in healthcare because they care. They care so much that they spend years developing their skills and consider themselves to be life-long learners. They put their entire heart and soul into who they become as professionals. And they care so much, that often times they will put you, the patient, before […]

Nipping The Vape In It’s Tracks

Navi Nurses Nipping The Vape In It's Tracks nurse Post

“The Vape”. This topic is now the subject of much dialogue among people around the world. The uncertainty circling it is creating a stir, and it is with good reason. We don’t know exactly what is happening and we don’t know what is to come.   For a proper full disclosure, I am guilty of having […]

Nurse For President

Navi Nurses Nurse For President nurse Post

Forget parties- here are the top ten reasons why our country needs a nurse for president. 1. We are skilled communicators. Nurses are extraordinary communicators. And I am not just talking about verbal communication. We have a way of communicating with our eyes and our hands just as much as our words. We recognize that […]

The Nurse Superpower

Navi Nurses The Nurse Superpower nurse Post

A few years back, the American Nurses’ Association coined a well-received slogan, “I am a nurse, what is your superpower?”. In truth, there is nothing superhuman about what nurses do. We simply exist as an amalgamation of honesty, innovation, compassion, astuteness, intelligence, ethics and advocacy. However, there are a handful of nurses who have true […]

Everyday Is Your Legacy

Navi Nurses Everyday Is Your Legacy nurse Post

Who do you want to be? Because who you chose to be every day will become your legacy. Make it a great one. What is Your Legacy? Today, a photo memory popped up on my Facebook feed from a few years back. It pulled me to a time and place among an informal circle of […]

A lesson in love.

Navi Nurses A lesson in love. nurse Post

Confession: I am your quintessential hopeless romantic. I like to believe that a perfect love exists for everyone. Although I have yet to find true love myself, I look for love everywhere I go, and in all that I do. It is what brings me joy and gives me the space I need to feel […]