Being Prepared For A COVID Positive Diagnosis

Navi Nurses Being Prepared For A COVID Positive Diagnosis hospital Post

Those dreaded words in red COVID POSITIVE It just about takes your breath away. Being prepared is important. Consider yourself fortunate if you have never had to read THE email or text from CVS or any other community-based testing site that you have COVID. After the reality sinks in, there are a few really important things you can do […]

The Nurse Superpower

Navi Nurses The Nurse Superpower hospital Post

A few years back, the American Nurses’ Association coined a well-received slogan, “I am a nurse, what is your superpower?”. In truth, there is nothing superhuman about what nurses do. We simply exist as an amalgamation of honesty, innovation, compassion, astuteness, intelligence, ethics and advocacy. However, there are a handful of nurses who have true […]