What Are Some Medications My Nurse Might Give Me At The Hospital?

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If you had surgery, or are in the hospital, your nurse might administer the following medications to help reduce discomforts associated with having surgery or with unfavorable symptoms that arise from pain-relief medication administration: Stool softeners and stimulant laxative  Acid Reducers Anti-Emetics Stool Softeners & Stimulant Laxatives Stool softeners and gentle stimulant laxatives such as …

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8 Most Common Surgery Medications

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Have you ever wondered what medications are used during surgery? How do surgeons and anesthesiologists know which medications to use, and does everyone get the same medications? There are a variety of medications that may be used before, during and after surgical procedures. It can be confusing trying to remember them all, but hopefully this …

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(dedicated to nurses with extraordinary visions and those who support them) Forget parties- here are the top ten reasons why a nurse should run the most powerful country in the world. 1. We are skilled communicators. Nurses are extraordinary communicators. And I am not just talking about verbal communication. We have a way of communicating …

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