How Can I Find a Private Nurse?

How Can I Find a Private Nurse?

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One of the most common questions I get asked is “How can I find a trustworthy private nurse or nursing company to help care for me or my loved ones?” I wrote this guide to assist you in the best way to approach this.

Before broaching this subject, did you even know you can hire a registered nurse outside of the hospital setting, and secondly, what exactly does a registered nurse do outside of  a hospital or clinic? Registered nurses have independent, interdependent, and dependent functions inside and outside of the hospital, according to Lois Lowry R.N., D.N.Sc, the late and honorable nurse leader. 

Many people don’t realize that they can hire a registered nurse outside of a hospital, surgical center, or doctor’s office. The best way to hire a registered nurse directly when you don’t qualify for home health or don’t feel like home health is not enough is through a nurse concierge company or private nursing company. 

What does a registered nurse do?

Registered nurses complete various assessments of a patient that encompass physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional health. Typical functions include listening to your fears and concerns, reassuring you after a diagnosis or treatment, assisting you after a surgical procedure or hospitalization, assisting with personal care, various hands-on skills such as medication administration, dressing changes, watching for signs and symptoms of worsening conditions, and so much more. 

Nurses are teachers. They can educate not only patients but their family members as well. They implement various measures designed to motivate, support, and teach patients and their loved ones. They complete these highly important activities through health education, healthcare system navigation and guidance, implementing treatments prescribed by your medical team, and collaborating with other healthcare providers such as your primary care doctor, nutritionist, therapists, and more. Registered nurses are the conduit between the healthcare system and the patient; registered nurses help ensure you get optimal results in regards to your healthcare.

Why hire a nurse concierge company?

The reason you should hire a nurse from a concierge nurse company is that the nurse concierge company has done their due diligence when hiring the registered nurse for their team; this includes detailed background checks, and making sure insurance is carried by not only the company but each nurse as well. Secondly, the nurse concierge company is a legitimate company that upholds a business license, has standards of practice of care for their patients, ensures their nurses work within their nursing scope of practice, providing safe care to you and your loved ones, and has a social presence with legitimate testimonials. 

When choosing a nurse concierge company, start by considering the two following questions: 

  1. What constitutes a high-quality concierge nursing company?
  2. How can you figure out if the company you connected with fits your specific healthcare needs?

4 Qualities You Should Look for In a Nurse Concierge Company

Let’s go back to the initial question. Generally, I believe there are four characteristics by which you should evaluate a nurse concierge company and their registered nurse team: advocacy, attentiveness, accessibility, and ardency. Consider every single quality in your concierge nurse company when deciding to hire a company after your surgery, hospitalization, or to assist you with preventative care or ongoing support for a chronic condition. 


A registered nurse working for an expert concierge nursing company is someone who will advocate for you. They are deeply connected to the healthcare system and they know how to help you navigate through a storm, whether you’re having surgery, are hospitalized, or facing healthcare issues. They know how to get you what you need, and who to connect you with. 

Let’s say you’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer and need assistance finding the best colon cancer specialist. A nurse advocate should be able to connect you to the best surgeon possible. Whatever test you need, they can assist you and your primary care provider to get connected with the best specialist or highest quality facility. Your nurse advocate’s opinion regarding various doctors, facilities, and treatments are not tied to a specific hospital, surgeon, or clinic, so they are often unbiased. This is important because transparency in healthcare can be severely lacking. Not only is their opinion unbiased, but referrals from the registered nurses are vetted. Many nurses have worked with various providers, or know someone who has worked with a provider or specific surgical center or facility. This opinion is worth its weight in gold.  A nurse advocate can not only connect you with the right specialist or facility, but they can assist you with the right follow up as well. 

“Everyone deserves a nurse to help them navigate healthcare” 

Jasmine Bhatti Founder of Navi Concierge Nurses

A high-quality concierge nurse is connected with the healthcare system, they will also assist you with navigating in that system. They will do everything they can to make sure you get the care and treatment you need, to help you live your best life. They can coordinate care across multiple teams of medical teams, and can even improve communication between these providers because oftentimes, specialists may not communicate effectively with each other. A concierge nurse by your side can facilitate this communication, saving time, frustration, and heartache.


An attentive nurse is a healthcare professional that listens to you. A registered nurse is a highly regarded career in which healthcare is coupled with compassion – a mixture of art and science. Many nurses go into healthcare because they love caring for others, and they want to positively impact their lives. Caring for others is highly intimate, and something you do as a team, with you, the patient, at the center. This is why when you talk to your nurse, they should listen, not talk over you or talk down to you.

Your medical team is composed of highly educated healthcare professionals, but sometimes it might feel like they don’t bring you along in the decision-making process, which can be absolutely frustrating. This is why it’s important to have someone like a registered nurse advocate who is not only an expert but someone who understands you and your needs. Understanding your needs comes from a collaborative relationship, based on trust, and open communication between you and your nurse advocate. If your nurse concierge company sends you someone who doesn’t bring you along in their decision-making process, then they aren’t a good fit and you should move on. 


Is your nurse concierge company accessible? Did your Spanish speaking only father recently get a tracheostomy and needs a nurse that speaks Spanish? Do you need same day care? Are you coming from out of town for elective surgery and need someone to care for you? Are you having spinal surgery and you need a highly specialized nurse with a neurosurgical background trained at world-renowned medical center? Do you live in a rural area and need a nurse to come out to assist you? Do you have aging parents and need someone to check in on them monthly? Do you need one-time nursing services for an unexpected hospitalization or ongoing care for chronic conditions like Diabetes and hypertension? Do you need a wellness check done by a healthcare professional on your relative who lives up north (..said relative has been drinking too much)? Write down your top 4-5 needs and know them before you approach nurse concierge companies.


Healthcare changes every single day, this is a fact. So much of what is learned in nursing school becomes irrelevant or changes completely by graduation day. 

One of the perks of being at a teaching hospital is that there are many innovative treatments, but because these treatments and procedures are so new, they haven’t been written in journals yet. Sometimes it may take years before these new treatments are proven and trickle down into medicine that is practiced on an everyday basis like at your primary care provider’s office. The information trickling down can take decades, which can be frustrating for patients and families.

This is why it’s crucial for your concierge nurse advocate to read the latest literature and stays sharp on healthcare information. I truly believe it’s important that your nurse concierge company has registered nurses who are curious and have a passion for learning. Because if you’re not learning you’re staying stagnant, which can be detrimental.

Use This 10-Point Questionnaire Before Booking

So how do you find a nurse concierge company that has all of these qualities? No one company is going to fit all of your entire needs. When researching nurse concierge companies, keep each of the qualities in mind, but be flexible.

When looking for a private nursing company to advocate and care for you, ask them the following 10 questions to help you narrow your search.

Asking a registered nurse advocate company these questions will hopefully give you a good idea on whether they are accessible, have nurses who are ardent, has scheduling that allows your nurse to be available when you need them, connect you with a nurse that will be a great advocate for you when navigating the healthcare system, and as well as someone who is highly attentive. Also, asking your nurse concierge company these questions is a great litmus test – if they are offended you’re asking, they’re not right for you. 

  1. What are your credentials and how many years have you been caring for patients?
  2. How long is the average visit with your patient and what does this care encompass – advocacy, in-person visits, virtual consults, follow-ups, reviewing concerns, emails, etc. 
  3. Do you provide ongoing care or one-off care, or both? 
  4. What does billing look like for each option?
  5. What is your culture like for your registered nurses in your company? Do nurses enjoy working there, and are they treated fairly?
  6. Which conferences do you and your nurses try to attend each year?
  7. How much time, on average, do you spend per month staying informed of the latest research in healthcare overall, such as reading healthcare journals or books?
  8. Do your nurses have any specialty certifications like holistic care, stroke, critical care, or others? 
  9. On average, how many years of experience do your registered nurses have under their belt?
  10. Are there any other things you would like prospective patients to know about you or your nurse concierge service?


It’s important to note that this process may take some time. I hope this guide assists you in finding the right nurse concierge company that can match you with a registered nurse advocate who fits your healthcare needs. If you’re in the Arizona area, you can reach out to Navi Nurses as a reputable nurse concierge company that can assist you with your healthcare needs. You can download the 10 point questions list here.

Disclaimer. This is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of medicine, nursing, or other professional healthcare services, including the giving of medical or nursing advice. No nurse/patient relationship is formed. The use of this information and the materials herein is at the user’s own risk. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or nursing advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should not disregard or delay in obtaining medical advice from any medical condition they have, and they should seek the assistance of their healthcare professionals for any such conditions.

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