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3 Ways To Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate

Fear. Anger. Uncertainty. Hopelessness. Loneliness. These emotions are a range of feelings you might have after you’ve been given a diagnosis. How do you go from that end of the spectrum to feeling empowered, in control, knowledgable and having a sense of relief? You become your own health advocate. But, how do you become your own health advocate? As a…

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Global Celebration of The Nurse.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the year 2020 as “Year of the Nurse and Midwife”. It also coincides with the 200th birthday of our modern mother, Florence Nightingale. This global occasion is important for the nursing profession for two reasons. First, it gives us the opportunity to engage in dialogue about our diverse roles and responsibilities.…

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Schedule in Self-Care

Self-care is so important to living your best life. When we think of self-care, we often imagine it as something that happens on our day off when we’re not at work or at school. What if you were able to practice healthy self-care habits wherever you are, instead of waiting until the evening or scheduling it for the weekend? Here’s…

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Only leaves should fall. Not patients.

Being in the hospital is not how anyone wants to spend their time. You find yourself sleeping in a less than optimal bed, overstimulated by strange new alarms and bright lights, and eating food that isn’t quite like home. And you probably don’t feel well on top of everything. As a patient, everyone is (not just you- I promise) at…

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