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My Experience With An ENT Doctor

Yes, he really did do it..  While I was explaining my recent hospitalization, a physician not only said “Move it along”, but he made the rolling hand motion that went with it.  I want to say I was surprised, but caring has been abandoned by many working in the health “care” environment.   Needless to say, I’m not going back…

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Nipping the Vape in it’s Tracks.

Jasmine Bhatti, PhD Candidate, RN Vaping. This topic is now the subject of much dialogue among people around the world. The uncertainty circling it is creating a stir, and it is with good reason. We don’t know exactly what is happening and we don’t know what is to come.   For a proper full disclosure, I am guilty of having special…

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(dedicated to nurses with extraordinary visions and those who support them) Forget parties- here are the top ten reasons why a nurse should run the most powerful country in the world. 1. We are skilled communicators. Nurses are extraordinary communicators. And I am not just talking about verbal communication. We have a way of communicating with our eyes and our…

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Everyday is your legacy.

Today, a photo memory popped up on my Facebook feed from a few years back. It pulled me to a time and place among an informal circle of influential nurses. It is a circle where titles don’t matter and where everyone is stripped to the basic element of being human. It’s a safe place. A place where we stop and…

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