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My Experience With An ENT Doctor

Yes, he really did do it..  While I was explaining my recent hospitalization, a physician not only said “Move it along”, but he made the rolling hand motion that went with it.  I want to say I was surprised, but caring has been abandoned by many working in the health “care” environment.   Needless to say, I’m not going back…

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Why I became a nurse.

Jasmine Bhatti PhD(c), MS, RN This playful photo is one of the fondest memories I have. It sits on my fridge and reminds me of happy days on the beach, being silly and dancing under the stars, and driving with the ocean breeze blowing in my face. It reminds me of Sophie- my maternal grandmother. She is my “why”. Sophie,…

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What a hug can do for your care team.

I like to believe that anyone who assumes a role in healthcare has benevolent intentions. When you survey those who work in our industry, they will most often respond that they choose their profession because they “wanted to help others.” People choose to work in healthcare because they care. They care so much that they spend years developing their skills…

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The Superpowered Nurse.

A few years back, the American Nurses’ Association coined a well-received slogan, “I am a nurse, what is your superpower?”. In truth, there is nothing superhuman about what nurses do. We simply exist as an amalgamation of honesty, innovation, compassion, astuteness, intelligence, ethics and advocacy. However, there are a handful of nurses who have true superpowers. They experience things which…

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A lesson in love.

Confession: I am your quintessential hopeless romantic. I like to believe that a perfect love exists for everyone. Although I have yet to find true love myself, I look for love everywhere I go, and in all that I do. It is what brings me joy and gives me the space I need to feel safe. One night, a few…

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