Being Prepared For A COVID Positive Diagnosis

Navi Nurses Being Prepared For A COVID Positive Diagnosis Clients and Patients Post

Those dreaded words in red COVID POSITIVE It just about takes your breath away. Being prepared is important. Consider yourself fortunate if you have never had to read THE email or text from CVS or any other community-based testing site that you have COVID. After the reality sinks in, there are a few really important things you can do […]

How To Find A Private Nurse?

Navi Nurses How To Find A Private Nurse? Clients and Patients Post

One of the most common questions I get asked is “How can I find a private nurse who works for a trustworthy nurse concierge company to help care for me or my loved ones?” There are a few ways to approach this. Many people don’t realize that they can hire a registered nurse outside of […]

Why Everyone Needs A Nurse Advocate.

Navi Nurses Why Everyone Needs A Nurse Advocate. Clients and Patients Post

When healthcare has your head spinning, or leaves you feeling vulnerable, one of the best sources of support is a nurse advocate. This is a nurse who works independent of a hospital or practice, and functions as your eyes, ears, and voice. Typically, a nurse advocate has many years of clinical experience, advanced education, or […]

What Is A Teaching Hospital?

Navi Nurses What Is A Teaching Hospital? Clients and Patients Post

Did you know that there are different types of hospitals? ( teaching hospital, community hospital, long-term care hospital) Does it matter to you or your loved ones what type of hospital you end up going to? If you didn’t, you should. Hospitals come in many varieties, just like cheese. Depending on your needs – from […]

Procrastination Is A Thief Of Time

Navi Nurses Procrastination Is A Thief Of Time Clients and Patients Post

My dad was the sweetest guy ever and he liked his coffee… just so. He lived with me the year before he passed away and I spent a lot of time warming up his coffee in the microwave. I soon developed a game to see what I could accomplish in 45 seconds. It was amazing what I […]

My Patient Experience In Healthcare

Navi Nurses My Patient Experience In Healthcare Clients and Patients Post

I want to share my patient experience in healthcare. While I was explaining my recent hospitalization to a doctor who specializes in ear, nose, and throats. Not only did he cut me off and say “Move it along”, he made the rolling hand motion that went with it.  Yes, He Really Did Do It! I […]

What Is The Role Of A Nurse

Navi Nurses What Is The Role Of A Nurse Clients and Patients Post

According to the American Association Colleges of Nursing, there are 3.8 million nurses in the U.S.. Nurses make up the largest group of healthcare professionals. Nurses are pivotal and foundational providers of healthcare. But what exactly is the role of a nurse?  Role of a Nurse  To advocate and support patients and families.  Educate and reinforce […]

Only Leaves Should Fall, Not Patients

Navi Nurses Only Leaves Should Fall, Not Patients Clients and Patients Post

Being in the hospital is not how anyone wants to spend their time. You find yourself sleeping in a less than optimal bed, overstimulated by strange new alarms and bright lights, and eating food that isn’t quite like home. And you probably don’t feel well on top of everything. All of these things put you […]

When Is RSV Season?

Navi Nurses When Is RSV Season? Clients and Patients Post

What is RSV?  Is it a dragon? Is it the Night King? No, it’s RSV and the RSV season is coming. RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus. RSV season typically occurs in winter months. It is a very common virus that infects our respiratory tract. There are people who are extremely susceptible to this very […]

Why I Became A Nurse.

Navi Nurses Why I Became A Nurse. Clients and Patients Post

This playful photo is one of the fondest memories I have. It sits on my fridge and reminds me of happy days on the beach, being silly and dancing under the stars, and driving with the ocean breeze blowing in my face. She is why I became a nurse. Sofia Sophie, aka Sofia, was as […]