Experience independence
with a trusted nurse by your side

Premium in-person nurse subscription

for you or an aging loved one

Are you concerned that you:

Feel vulnerable or alone
Are unsure about your health & care options
May experience a loss of quality of life
Will inconvenience loved ones

Let Navi Nurses help.

As we age, we fear losing our independence & changes in our quality of life.

With Navi, a simple monthly check-in with a nurse can provide you & your family with reassurance & confidence.

You will benefit from enhanced:




Navi connects you with a hand-picked nurse who gives you the tools to maintain your freedom.

Family can't always be there, but we can.

Just imagine the relief your loved ones will feel when they know a nurse is watching over you.

They will no longer feel guilty for not always being able to be present. And that is the best present of all.

We worry about our loved ones, too.

Our packages were designed with you and your family in mind. 

We help you, or a loved one, stay on track with their healthcare through personalized attention to detail every month. 

And don’t worry- we know how important it is for the whole family to be updated and on the same page.  

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Peace of mind begins here

All packages include:

Age in Grace (2 hours)

Best for a single person.

Monthly subscription of our services to keep you or a loved one happier & healthier at home.

Age in Grace (4 hours)

Best for couples.

Monthly subscription of our services to keep you or a loved one happier & healthier at home.

*insurance is not accepted, cash/credit
payment only


Call Navi Nurse and describe your needs. Our registered nurses are compassionate and they listen to you whole heartedly.


Get matched with a compassionate & expert nurse who understands you & your needs


Subscribe to have a nurse visit your residence monthly & provide recommendations personalized just for you

Our Happy clients!

This was truly above and beyond nursing. It was terrifying to have minimal options for home care for my 99 year old great uncle when he discharged from the hospital, but Navi Nurses took sensational care of my Uncle Sam after discharge. Not only did this include excellent nursing services, but there was that special “extra touch” of social time, home assessment, medication reconciliation, and bringing a favorite snack to him. I will definitely use Navi Nurses again!


I am honestly so grateful for the compassionate and experienced care we received this past weekend for our family member. Navi Nurses really came to the rescue and provided such well being and safety for my uncle. We are so happy to know that we have such an incredible service that we can rely on and look forward to a lasting professional relationship with Navi Nurses


If you are aging at home, or are the child or loved one of someone who’s aging at home, you will benefit from a local expert nurse by your side. Together, we can be proactive about your health. 

Let Navi be your first line of defense. Navi partners you with a personal, hand-picked healthcare expert who listens to you and gets to know you. 

Our nurses have experience caring for high profile clients at top medical centers around the world and will care for you like a family member.

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