peek into our soul


to connect people with nurses.

to put people first in healthcare.

do good. think big. give courageously.

together, we give you peace of mind

Custom care teams

Experience the power of having a carefully curated team of competent & compassionate private nursing professionals caring for you & your loved ones.

Personalized care

We build care around you, when & where is best. Our nurses account for all the things needed to help you achieve the best outcome possible.


We collaborate with your entire medical team so you don't have to. Let us connect all the dots with the people who know you best. We advocate for you. Always.

National Recognition

Our model of care has been featured by Johnson & Johnson Notes and supported by the American Nurses Foundation.

Premium Experience

Our licensed nurses are hand-picked and will treat you and your family like their own. Expect to be able to relax and breathe while they take over.

up-to-date practice

Most of our nurses are still in practice in hospitals. This means they are up to date on all pertinent care & standards. You can't ask for anything better.


Navi is short for the Hindu word Anavi.

It refers to someone who is peace-loving and kind to others.

It also refers to the first ray of sun that appears just after the darkest point of the night.